Getting to the front of Google search with a video.

I got this idea from Jay Brown and it seems to really work. If you haven’t noticed most first page searches on Google in small cities do not have a video presentation for specific industries. If this is the case in your area you’re in luck. You can try to hack the system and get ahead of the competition for very little money and time.

If you want to learn how the hack works I suggest you watch this video:

I’ve decided not to use this for any potential clients but for my different businesses. I could readily see results and did get calls due to it. The result was as follows:

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As you may have guessed this is not a long term solution but a boost when you need it. As a long term solution, you should be looking into SEO (search engine optimization). The learning curve for SEO is a lot steeper but more sustainable. It will have long-lasting results. One never excludes the other and underpriced attention is always good to take.